Best research team of SUNROI suggests the molecular structure of an excellent raw material.


We have facilities that produce raw materials accurately and efficiently.

Global Sales

SUNROI has entered the US and Japanese markets through global marketing channels.

Product lineup

We have a product lineup that meets the needs of consumers.

Peptides Base

Hypodermic Syringe Filler 8 products, TDDS MTS+ Filler 6 products, Special Bio Care Ampoule 4 products

Medical Base

Regeneration Ointment Cream 6 products, Special Medical Care Mist 3 products

Bio Cosmetic

Hyaluronic Acid Ampoule 300 ml, Mink Oil


GF Peptides Shampoo, GF Peptides Cure Ampoule Spray, GF Peptides Treatment Serum

Global ODM

B.DUCK GARGLEPILL, B.DUCK Home Life Safe Guard Solution, B.DUCK Youth Cosmetic ( Multi Suncream, AC Serum, Body Serum, Facial Serum, Panthenol Serum, Mask )

Cream Mask

Artificial Skin Cream Mask


mini MTS For TDDS Ampoule Product

Sanitary Aid

GARGLEPILL, Multi Suncream ( + Life safe guard .Panthenol (B5) )


Vision & Achievement

SUNROI has produced great results for a year and is heading towards an amazing goal.

News and Announcement

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39 Released Products
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