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Chongwon Kim

Chongwon Kim


M.A. The University of Tokyo (Tokyo, Japan)
Ph.D. The University of Tokyo (Tokyo, Japan)
Mooshin Park

Mooshin Park


B.A. Chemistry, Seoul National University (Seoul, Korea)
M.A. Pharmacy, Seoul National University (Seoul, Korea)



Senior Researcher, Kolon Pharmaceutical Research Institute (Seoungnam-si, Korea)
Senior Researcher, Hanmi Fine Chemicals Institute

Key Performance

Developed a therapeutic agent for periodontal disease
Developted a microvessel dilator
Developted Cefotiam based on ingredients from Korean herbal medicine and synthetic process of raw medicines.
Developed a synthetic anti-biotic and its manufacturing process. Received EDFA (EU) and FDA (US) approval
Developed pollution-free plastic materials and pollution-free insecticide
Developed a therapeutic agent of natural substance for rheumatoid arthritis
Established Sudo Fine Chemical and received BGMP certification for raw medicines Specialty


Raw material synthesis for medicine and developing manufacturing process
Screening and pre-synthesizing new medicines
Studying natural substances and ingredients. Coordinating preclinical study
Screening and Researching micro-capsules and improved new drugs including recombinant protein drugs
Sourcing and screening raw medicines and Directing development process of new drugs
Conducting License-in/out administrative tasks
Managing complete manufacturing process including Q.C. and Q.A.
Directing whole process of BGMP and KGMP certification and product licensing
Launching and marketing end-products


Head Quarter, Suroi Co.Ltd.

Head Quarter, Suroi Co.Ltd.

10F 2, 90 Gil-70, Seolleung-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Rep. of Korea
Sunroi Medical Research Institute

Sunroi Medical Research Institute

Concourse-Mega, Saggimakgol-ro 124, Jungwon-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do